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Two bad ass covers for the first issue of Lobo— the first one by Aaron Kuder, the second by Ben Oliver.  Look for them on the shelves on Wednesday!

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Shiklah! Another NYCC Commission.

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Check out this preview of Lobo #1, on sale on Wednesday!!!

Written by Cullen Bunn, penciled by Reilly Brown, inked by Nelson DeCastro, colored by Pete Pantazis, and lettered by Travis Lanham

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October’s going to be a big month in Reilly Brown Land—
On the 1st LOBO #1 comes out— a new ongoing series by Cullen Bunn and myself. 
On the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th I’ll be exhibiting at the New York Comic Convention.  I’ll be in Artist’s Alley at table BB2, where I’ll be selling my wares and drawing commissions.  If you were able to get a ticket, be sure to come say hi!
On the 25th I’ll be signing at JHU Comics in Staten Island.
Then, on the 28th, the hardcover collection of DEADPOOL: DRACULA’S GAUNTLET comes out, which features the first appearance of Deadpool’s wife, Shiklah, among many other crazy things. 

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Black Panther.

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Lobo comps came in! Looking bad ass!

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Do you do commissions? I have decided that I don't want to live my life any longer without Captain America punching out a dinosaur on my wall.
buffdolls asked

If you can even call that living! 
I do commissions, but I only have time to do them at comic conventions.  If you’re in New York in a few weeks, you should swing by NYCC!  I’ll be there in Artist’s Alley at table BB2, drawing my ass off!
My prices are $50 for a head, $120 for a half figure, $220 for a full figure. 
Hope to see you there!

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Mr. Brown, I'm sure you get commission requests all the time and everybody wants something special and unique. I'm not one of those guys, I'm looking for a commission that means a lot to me me personally and is one of a kind. My 40th anniversary is coming up and I would like to commission a drawing of my wife and I. It doesn't need to be a comic book thing. I would prefer if it wasn't. I could send you reference pictures, one of me, one of the wife and maye some for her saddle and my latex suit.
Anonymous asked

Reference pictures would definitely help with that commission.  LOTS of reference pictures. 

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Another commission from Baltimore Comic Con.

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Brilliant art, but man, that Storm scene inspired the most frustrating level in a video game ever!


X-Men #124, page 14 by John Byrne & Terry Austin & Glynis Wein. 1979.