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Always love a Gowanus Pete commission!

Always love a Gowanus Pete commission!

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A commission of Osiris from Shazam.

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Some sketches I drew for people on the inside of my convention sketch books.

Scarlet Witch, Juggernaut, Ice Queen, Vegeta, and Shredder.

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Hey guys!

So word on the street is - a few people don’t think I’m coloring my own work!

Wow, isn’t that complimentary. I thought it was about time to put this very, very stupid rumor to rest because I’m just so annoyed when sometime tells me to “Just use your assistant.” or “Can your assistant just do this for you since you’re so busy?”

NO. My assistants are not art monkeys and they do not color/render any work with my name on it! They color their OWN work and put THEIR name on it. They are interns learning the process, making money, meeting people and having daily skype calls with me about their own work! (that said, I’m not hiring any new assistants right now and I do not have one at this time)

I color a lot of books. I color a lot of books because I love coloring. I color a lot of books and I don’t sleep a whole lot, or go on vacation, or see my family, or hang out with my boyfriend, or exercise and I pretty much miss just about every film I want to see in the cinema—so please stop saying I’m not coloring my own work.

The biggest problem is what people think a “color assistant” does. This goes for all creative fields where someone adds “I have an inking assistant”, “a penciling assistant”, “an intern”, etc. There seems to be a very popular misunderstanding that an “assistant” is hired just to do the dirty work, all the work and get no credit or money. This is not the case nor should it ever be assumed it is the case.

There are three images here from Deadpool #27.

1.) The flatted file, how it looks when the file comes back to me flatted by another person for a flat fee. This is a staple in the colorist business and without this help colorists would be really stuck for time.

2.) EX-Color Assistant/now colorist extraordinaire Kelly Fitzpatrick goes through the crazy flatted file and adjusts the colors so they are sensible while referencing colors I’ve chosen for costumes in previous issues, plus I give her the script so maybe she can figure out if it’s day or night or if they should be on the moon. This is a VERY helpful step for me, especially, because without this step every single book I have would be a minefield to manage. Having Kelly select costume palettes I’ve used in previous issues is absolutely essential. This is also something plenty of colorists do! Having the FIRST step come back with correct costumes is great but I have to get my files “color corrected”.

3.) I go in and change colors/bring detail into certain elements/fix costume problems and render the page.

This is how assisting works and this is why the work I color is my own work and only my work, end of story. Assistants are so wonderful and helpful but they deserve more than being called “who I farm my work out to”. It’s not just insulting to the artist who hires them AND the assistant who takes the job but it’s also just incorrect.


jordiecolorsthings: master of all things color and knowledge-dropping. 

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The Mighty Hercules!

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Psylocke con sketch.

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Bat-Pool.  That pretty much says it all right there.

On a Batman/Superman sketch cover.

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The very first image I drew of Deadpool’s new wife, Shiklah.  The original art for this page and others from The Gauntlet are available at Anthony Snider’s Comic Art.

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Here’s an original page of Wolverine and Phoenix Cyclops squaring off from AvX Infinite #3.  I’ve got the original art for sale at my dealer Anthony Snider’s site here—

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Original art from Deadpool: The Gauntlet for sale!

Finally starting to put these pages up.  Check out the first bunch at Anthony Snider’s Comic Art.  A lot more to come in the future!