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A rather in-depth commission from San Diego Comic Con.  It’s Captain America as a kid, fighting off some bullies.  Even before he drank the Super Soldier Serum, he still stood up for justice. 

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Original art from Deadpool: Dracula’s Gauntlet.  Look for more at Anthony’s Comic Art.

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Hope everyone out there is having a great new comic book day!

Art by Reilly Brown (pencils), Nelson DeCastro (inks) & Jim Campbell (colors)
Words by Gerry Duggan

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Saddie Doyle from Thrilling Adventure Hour that I drew at SDCC for Ben Acker himself! 
He’s got some great pieces in his sketchbook, I’m glad he asked me to contribute!

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Hello Reilly, I just wanted to say that you are probably one of my top favorite deadpool artists. I remember meeting you back at NYCC last year and telling you that (you probably don't remember that, but I don't blame you.). I also want to say that something about your art hits me in a place very seldom reached by most things. It tends to lift my spirits and bring me from the dark places my depression drags me to. So, thank you for that.
poppunkspiderman asked

Wow, thank you so much, with all the amazing artists who have worked on Deadpool over the years, that’s a truly high compliment.
And what’s a comic for if not to put a smile on people’s faces?  “Comic” is in the name!  Otherwise they’d be called “tragic books”  ;)

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Another Deadpool Commission from SDCC.  My next two conventions will be Baltimore Comic Con, September 5-7th, where I’ll be tabling with Dean Haspiel, and New York Comic Con, where I’ll be chilling in Artist’s Alley. 
Hope to see you guys there!

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Deadpool chowing down on some Choco Tacos!
This is a commish I did at SDCC— My next convention is the Baltimore Comic Con on Sept. 5-7, where I’ll be tabling with Dean Haspiel.  Look for me there!

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Covers to Deadpool: Dracula’s Gauntlet— the final issue’s on sale today, don’t miss it!

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Here’s a preview of some of the new material in Issue 7, the final issue of Deadpool: Dracula’s Gauntlet.
This is from