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Posted 6 months ago

Here’s an original page of Wolverine and Phoenix Cyclops squaring off from AvX Infinite #3.  I’ve got the original art for sale at my dealer Anthony Snider’s site here—

Posted 1 year ago

My art dealer has some new pieces up for sale on his site, including stuff from Avengers Vs X-Men, Scarlet Spider, and more.  Check it out at Anthony’s Comic Book Art—

Posted 1 year ago

My art dealer just put a whole bunch of new pieces up for sale on his site, including stuff from Avengers Vs X-Men, Scarlet Spider, and more.  Take a look—

Posted 2 years ago

Here’s another pic from AvX Infinite #3, which went on sale yesterday on Comixology, and you can download directly to your home computer and/or iPhone/pod/pad or Kindle or Android device here—  How’s that for instant gratification?

The story is written by Mark Waid and Yves Bigerel, with art by me and Marte Gracia.

This comic is done in a way made specifically for reading comics digitally, and it’s cool to be able to experiment with a bunch of new storytelling techniques that aren’t even possible in print.  Check it out and let me know what you think!

If you like it, I do a similar thing in my creator-owned series Power Play, which is also on Comixology—

Posted 2 years ago

Scarlet Witch, Vision and Cyclops.

Here’s another panel from me Mark Waid and Balak’s AvX Infinite comic on sale today on Comixology!  Check it out here—

It’s cool to work with Marvel on this exciting experiment in digital comics, similar to my creator-owned book Power Play, which you can also check out here—

Posted 2 years ago

Cyclops and Wolverine face off in this panel from me and Mark Waid’s Avengers Vs X-Men Infinite comic that came out on Comixology today— check it out here—

Amazing coloring job by Marte Gracia— that guy’s a genius!

It was really cool to work on a digital comic with Marvel after doing my own digital comic, Power Play, with Comixology.  If you dig this type of comic, check out more of my stuff here—


Posted 2 years ago

People really liked these X-Men character animations I did.  Maybe I should do some more…

Anyway, if you just so happen to be strolling by San Diego Comic Con this lovely morning, be sure to swing by my Artist’s Alley booth #EE-06 and say hi!

I won’t be able to animate for you, but maybe I could draw something, and then you can animate it on your own later!

Posted 2 years ago

A quick animation of Cyclops I threw together.

Posted 2 years ago

Another Cyclops commission, from the good old days when superheros wore their underparts on the OUTSIDE—