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Posted 6 months ago
Always love a Gowanus Pete commission!

Always love a Gowanus Pete commission!

Posted 6 months ago

Had an awesome time at life drawing with Gowanus Pete and Ice Queen last night.  Eventually we’ll have to get together with the whole Power Play crew!

Posted 8 months ago

I figured it’s a good time to remind you guy that POWER PLAY is still on sale, and will be until Thursday.  If’ you’ve been enjoying my Deadpool stuff, or digital comics in general, here’s your chance to see how I got started doing this stuff, and each issue is just $0.99. 

Go to Comixology and give it a look—

Buy it, read it, enjoy it— I’d love to hear what you guys think!

Posted 9 months ago

POWER PLAY is still on sale!  Get the first four episodes for half price while you can! 

If you’ve been enjoying my work on DEADPOOL: THE GAUNTLET, with Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn, I bet you’ll like this series too, since it’s were I first started playing around with the digital storytelling techniques that I’ve been using in that series.  Also it’s full of the humor and action that fans of Deadpool will likely enjoy. 

So check it out!  Half price!  Can’t beat that!

Posted 9 months ago

Big day today!  The third chapter of SAINT GEORGE: DRAGONSLAYER is out in DARK HORSE PRESENTS #32 hits the stands today, the second episode of DEADPOOL: THE GAUNTLET is out on Comixology, the whole POWER PLAY series is on sale for half-off, and there’s a FREE print edition of the first chapter of DEADPOOL: THE GAUNTLET available in comic shops everywhere!

ALSO, I’ll be making an appearance at JHU Comics in Manhattan this evening from 6-8 along with Stuart Moore, where we’ll be writing our names on things!  Click here for more details.  Hope to see you guys there!

Posted 9 months ago

And because I don’t have enough going on this week, check out Comixology’s front page— POWER PLAY sale!

Power Play’s a creator-owned story about a bunch of kids with superpowers playing sports. It’s the series Kurt Christenson and myself worked on where I starting playing around with and developing a lot of the digital story-telling techniques that I’ve been using in Deadpool: The Gauntlet.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, now’s the perfect time, because for the next few weeks each issue is only half price!

Enjoy it, and I’d love to hear what you think!

Posted 11 months ago

Kurt Christenson - Comicbook Rockstar

Kurt Christenson, my co-creator on Power Play, has a new Tumblr for his unique brand of comic book themed insanity— — Give the guy some follows!


For anybody who wants to keep up with my comic book work, please give a follow to my new self-titled tumblr.

I’ll be posting more poetry/prose from my novel The Tower of Brahma here, as well as photography & film work.

Posted 11 months ago

Here’s some more pics of me with Gowanus Pete from NYCC.

Catch more Pete at!

Posted 1 year ago

I was quoted here in this Bleeding Cool review of the Comixology Panel I was on at NYCC, where they announced their new “Guided View Native” branding that will highlight comics such as Power Play, which make special use of the tools available in digital comics to tell stories in a new way.

One thing the article writer says is this:

Alejandra Bodden (@alebodden11) writes from NYCC;

I have to say that I was a non-believer. I was adamant against trying digital anything (even having a kindle, which I had to get as an English Major), but even more so toward digital comics. What can I say? I am an old fashioned girl; I like the smell of paper and the feel of it on my hands and fingers as I pass the pages. Though after sitting through this panel I must say that my view has completely changed and now I want to save up for a tablet to experience this myself.

I’m glad that she notes her bias and change of heart here, because this is something I’ve been hearing A LOT over the past couple of years since Kurt and I launched Power Play.

Now Comixology is bringing more attention to their Guided View Native comics, such as Power Play and comics like it that use the same unique way of telling a story.  Hopefully this will make these comic (such as The Eighth Seal or Motorcycle Samurai) easier to find, and give them the chance to change more minds in favor of digital comics.

Give them a look, I’m sure we’ll win you over as well!

Posted 1 year ago

Learn about how we created Power Play at the Creating Comics the Comixology Way panel at NYCC at 1:30 today!

Also, swing on by my table at Artist Alley K13 and say what up!