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Posted 1 day ago
Always love a Gowanus Pete commission!

Always love a Gowanus Pete commission!

Posted 2 days ago

A commission of Osiris from Shazam.

Posted 3 days ago

Some sketches I drew for people on the inside of my convention sketch books.

Scarlet Witch, Juggernaut, Ice Queen, Vegeta, and Shredder.

Posted 4 days ago

The Mighty Hercules!

Posted 5 days ago

Psylocke con sketch.

Posted 5 days ago

Bat-Pool.  That pretty much says it all right there.

On a Batman/Superman sketch cover.

Posted 6 days ago

Here’s an original page of Wolverine and Phoenix Cyclops squaring off from AvX Infinite #3.  I’ve got the original art for sale at my dealer Anthony Snider’s site here—

Posted 1 week ago

Captain America

Posted 1 week ago

This was one of the more interesting commissions I got last year— Captain America as a Transformer. 

Posted 1 week ago

Here’s a page of the Deadpool/Hawkeye teamup I drew.  If you’re interested in buying any of my original art, pay a visit to Anthony Snider’s Comic Art.  This and a whole lot of other stuff is available there.