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Posted 2 years ago

I finally got my act together enough to put a collection of my work, SKETCHES, together for comic conventions!  If you’re planning on attending San Diego Comic Con, Baltimore Comic Con, or NY Comic Con, look for me in Artist’s Alley to pick one up!

It’s 48 pages, black and white, 8.5x11 and costs $20.  It’ll have bunch of sketches and commissions, process stuff, character designs and finished work.  Some of which you’ve seen before, and some of which you haven’t.

A bunch of Power Play stuff, and a bunch of Marvel stuff and a whole lot of other stuff.  All in all, it’s a pretty good collection of my work, and I think you’ll like it!

What’s that?  Not everyone’s going to be at one of those comic conventions, but you still want a copy?  No sweat!  Just e-mail me at with “Sketchbook” in the subject line and we’ll figure out the payment and shipment information from there!

Also, if you’re a retailer and are interested in carrying a few copies in your store, e-mail me and we can work something out.